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11 Days Morocco Private Birding Tour Morocco Birding Tour

The "11 Days Morocco Private Birding Tour" offers an exclusive and immersive avian adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Morocco. This personalized tour spans over 11 days, allowing bird enthusiasts to explore diverse habitats, from lush forests to arid deserts, in search of the region's remarkable birdlife. Led by knowledgeable guides, participants can expect an intimate and tailored experience as they observe and photograph a wide array of bird species, from the majestic raptors to the elusive desert dwellers. With private accommodations and expert guidance, this tour promises an unforgettable birding journey through the natural wonders of Morocco.
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Our special Moroccan birding tour begins in stunning Marrakech, from which we will soon be weaving our way into the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains, away from the noise and bustle of human activity.

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Casablanca Discover Casablanca
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  • 11 days Tour in 4wd or Mini-Van vehicles with AC
  • Airport Transfer
  • Bottle of water / day / person
  • Driver (English Speaker)
  • Local Birding guide
  • Local Birding guide in Merzouga
  • Pick-up from and return to your hotel in Casablanca or (Port pickup and drop-off)
  • Private Transfer to your accommodation
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Nature-lovers’ delight with hidden bird-watching wonders from the Atlantic and Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert. 11 DAY Morocco Private Birding Tour .

Our special Moroccan birding tour begins in stunning Marrakech, from which we will soon be weaving our way into the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains, away from the noise and bustle of human activity. North African endemics such as Moussier’s Redstart, African Crimson-winged Finch, and Levaillant’s Woodpecker can be found on wooded slopes and in alpine environments. After descending magnificent mountain ranges, we will arrive at Agadir and search the nearby lagoons and estuaries for ducks, waders, and gulls. Our major aim, however, is one of the world’s most severely endangered birds, the Northern Bald Ibis or Waldrapp, which is now only found in two colonies in Morocco and a newly established breeding colony in Spain.

As we go inland, the landscape becomes drier and drier until we reach the stunning red sand dunes of Erg Chebbi near the Algerian border. We’ll look for specials like the uncommon Houbara Bustard, delicate Cream-colored Courser, Desert Sparrow, African Desert Warbler, and larks like Temminck’s, Thick-billed, and Dupont’s along the route.

Explore the exotic avian wonders of Morocco with our exclusive 11-day private birding tour. Discover diverse habitats, rare species, and unforgettable encounters tailored to avid birdwatchers. Book your immersive journey today!

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Day 1

Marrakech – Airport Transfer

Flights will arrive today and transfer to a hotel in Marrakech, where we will all gather for dinner and meet the guides. There will be a pre-trip briefing to prepare for an early morning departure into the Atlas Mountains.

Day 2

Marrakech – Hight Atlas Mountains – Asni – Oukaimden – Ourika Valley

Leaving Marrakech early in the morning, we begin our birding excursion in Morocco by traveling through towns and cultivated fields to our first birding destinations. Arid country farming regions always attract birds, and in these agricultural areas we are sure to encounter jewels like the Sardinian Warbler in low vegetation and the astute Southern Grey Shrike perched on top of small trees or man-made perches. The Spotless Starling has a very limited global distribution, yet we may expect to observe this intelligent species sitting on their favorite perches or foraging in the fields alongside many of the area's commoner birds.

Many participants on this Morocco birding tour will be familiar with the Little Owl, but it is the unfamiliar that will pique our interest, and the exceedingly appealing Moussier's Redstart will do just that. We'll look for this remarkable tiny bird in its rocky, open woodland habitat, with its extremely limited range adding to its allure. House Bunting is another intelligent little bird to admire, and Maghreb Magpie is a divide that we may argue after noting the differences between it and the more common Eurasian Magpie.

The scenery will gradually change as we climb up into the High Atlas Mountains, becoming a feature of the trip in and of itself, but higher up in the scenic mountains we will be looking for a different selection of Morocco's exciting birds, perhaps most notably the regionally endemic, Levaillant's Green Woodpecker, which we can see in areas of open oak and coniferous woodland on the hillsides. We'll seek for Blue Rockthrush sitting upright on their lookout towers on rocky outcrops on the slopes, but soon our drive will take us up to the ski resort at Oukaimeden, near to the snowline.

At this elevation of 2000 meters or above, we can look for small groups of beautiful African Crimson-winged Finches feeding on the ground. This is another unique bird of this tour, restricted to the bleak landscapes of Morocco and Algeria's high Atlas Mountains. The attractive Black Wheatear, as well as groups of Alpine Choughs, African Chaffinch, Rock Sparrow, and (Atlas) Horned Lark, can be found at this altitude, fluttering between grassy tussocks and rocky perches in pursuit of insects. We'll round off the day with a tasty dinner and comfy lodging at your Ourika Hotel.

Day 3

Marrakech – High Atlas Mountains – Ouarzazate – Boumalen Dades

We leave the mountains behind after an early breakfast, possibly resting again en way for Levaillant's Green Woodpecker. We return uphill from Marrakech's flat plains and travel to Boumalne du Dades over the Tizi-n-Tichka pass (2260 meters), a breathtaking and long drive. We'll look for another endemic "Tristram's Warbler" on the Pass. Away from its wintering habitats, this species has very specialized habitat requirements that are not always simple to provide. As the road climbs into the hills, we may observe raptors such as the Long-legged Buzzard and Bonelli's Eagle. We'll stop in Amerzgane to seek for the rare "Maghreb Wheatear" before continuing on to Boumalne du Dades, we will conclude our day at the Boumalne Dades hotel, where you will have a superb dinner and pleasant lodging.

Day 4

Journey around Tagdilt Track – Boumalen dades

We'll leave early today for the Tagdilt Track in Boumalne City. We'll be able to see rare bird species like the Eagle owl, Cream-colored courser, Trumpter finch, Hoopoe lark, Thick-billed lark, Desert lark, and Black wheatears here.

As the day comes to an end, we'll return to the Boumalne Dades hotel for a restful night's sleep, a fantastic dinner, and a filling breakfast the next morning. We will leave early on day four to explore the spectacular landscapes and birdlife of the Dades Gorges. We'll see the spectacular surroundings of the gorge while looking for rare bird species such the Desert warbler, Rock bunting, Black wheatear, blue rock thrush, and others.

After a full day of birdwatching, we'll return to our hotel in the heart of the Dades Gorges for a great meal and comfortable lodging.

Day 5

Boumalen Dades – Todgha Gorge – Merzouga Desert

We'll stop at Todra Gorge to look for Rock doves, Black wheatears, scrub warblers, Crag martins, Sparrows, Blue rock-thrushes, and Bonelli's eagles, among other birds.

We'll continue on to Merzouga, where we'll get the chance to see Trumpter finch, Thick-billed lark, and Desert wheatear in their natural habitat. Finally, we'll have a fantastic dinner and spend the night in Merzouga at a lovely hotel, followed by breakfast the next morning to fuel up for another exciting day of birdwatching.

Day 6

Merzouga – Erg Chibbi Dunes – Rissani - Merzouga

We'll take a thrilling drive through Erg Chebbi's golden dunes in search of a variety of little birds and angry birds like the Brown-necked raven, Hoopoe lark, Rock sparrow, Desert sparrow, Desert warbler, spotted sandgrouse, Lanner falcon, Olivaceous warbler, Blue-cheeked bee-eater, and Egyptian nightjar, which are both possible sightings. Our journey continues to Merzouga, a seasonal lake where we may see a variety of ducks and waders.

Finally, we will spend a memorable night in the center of the desert in a luxurious tent. We will have a lovely supper under the stars here, followed by a relaxing overnight stay in our lodgings and a delicious breakfast in the morning.

Day 7

Merzouga – Alnif – Draa Valley – Anti Atlas Mountains - Ouarzazate

We'll continue our birdwatching excursion to Tazzarine, where we'll explore the area's cliffs and hills. We'll stop along the road to see the White-crowned wheatear and Southern grey shrike. Our next stop will be the Mansour eddahbi Barrage, where we will have the opportunity to witness Ruddy shelducks, Marbled ducks, Olivacoaus warblers, Black winged stilts, Cormorants, Dekla larks, and other waders.

We will unwind and relax at our Ouarzazate hotel after a full day of birdwatching, where we will enjoy a fantastic dinner and sleep for the night. We'll eat breakfast and prepare for the next leg of our adventure the next morning.

Day 8

Ouarzazate – Ait Ben Haddou – Taleouen - Agadir

We leave after breakfast for Agadir on the Atlantic coast. We make a stop at the famed historic Kasbah At Ben Haddou, where the birding is first-rate, and we may see local specialties such the Desert Lark, Trumpeter Finch, and Mourning Wheatear. We continued to the lush Souss Valley after lunch, passing through scrub thickets and orange orchards in search of European Roller, Black-shouldered Kite, and Western Orphean Warbler. We saw everything from a migratory Black Kite to a Blue-cheeked Bee-eater resting on roadside wires to skulking Subalpine Warblers and a Lanner in a wayside point. Several stops will yield a variety of migrant passerines, raptors, waders, and storks. Dinner and accommodation in Agadir.

Day 9

Agadir – Sous Massa National Park - Agadir

The Atlantic Coast -An early start will get us to the Atlantic coast in time. The morning will be spent in the Sous Massa National Park. We will walk all along this important spot for the endangered Bald Ibis, one of the world's rarest birds with a significant bird population, and we will search the vegetation along the water's edge for skulking Squacco Heron, while the distinctive call of Black-crowned Tchagras ring out from dense cover. Marbled Duck, Marsh Harrier, Osprey, Black-shouldered Kite, Glossy Ibis, Squacco and Purple Herons, Ruddy Shelduck, Plain Martin, and potentially Tawny Eagle are among the more easily observed birds. Savi's, Western Olivaceous, and Moustached Warblers, Zitting Cisticola, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Pallid Swift, Red-rumped Swallow, Common Bulbul, and Spotless Starling are all possibilities.

After lunch, we'll drive into the Souss valley's semi-arid steppes, looking for Lesser Short-toed Lark, Cream-colored Courser, Stone Curlew, or sandgrouse. Later in the afternoon, we'll visit the Oued Sous, a lovely region known for waders, terns, and enormous flocks of roosting gulls such as Slender-billed, Audouin's, and Mediterranean.

Greater Flamingo, Zitting Cisticola, and Sardinian Warbler are among the other species found here. At dusk, we'll look for Red-necked Nightjars at a nearby location. Return to Agadir and spend the night.

Day 10

Agadir – Atlantic Coast - Marrakech

After breakfast at the hotel, we go to the Oued Souss, which is a great place to see Flamingos, shorebirds, and a large number of roosting gulls and terns. And the Timlalin Dunes and Tamri, where we hope to witness Audouin's Gull, Zitting Cisticola, Barbary Partridge, Moussier's Redstart, and Sardinian Warbler, as well as one of the world's largest colonies of Bald Ibis. Then we transfer from Agadir to Marrakech via the highway, arriving late in the afternoon. Free evening to explore Marrakech's old neighborhood and the majestic Jema-el-fna square, which is an unforgettable experience for any tourist - snake charmers, water sellers, spice stalls, and the allure of bargaining in the Souk (OPTIONAL).

We will have our farewell supper together in Marrakech in the evening, when we will discuss our favorite species of this birding tour and enjoy the local food.

Day 11

Agadir – Marrakech – Transfer Menara Airport

Transportation to Marrakech's Menara International Airport based on your flight time.

Morocco Planet LLC crew wishes to thank you and warmly invites you to return to Morocco!

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Morocco Planet LLC is a boutique travel agency based in Casablanca and Marrakech. Passionate about sharing his Berber culture and the secrets of the kingdom he calls home, Amar is the chief storyteller, taking guests to his favorite areas of Morocco to ensure each chapter of their Moroccan adventure is a truly unforgettable adventure.

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11 Days Morocco Private Birding Tour

11 Days / 10 Nights

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